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Top 5 Coolest Things Lindsay Lohan has Ever Done (LIST)

(HAHAJK) – In this economy, things can be unpredictable. That’s why it’s important to thank Lindsay Lohanfor being consistent and continuing to crash her car

Lindsay Lohan is amazing (Photo: shutterstock)

into anything the roadway can muster up. As of last Friday, Lilo crashed her borrowed Porsche 911 into an 18-wheeler truck. I hate when that happens. It’s like you can’t even see those damn trucks, they just come out of nowhere. Despite this little blunder, Lilo’s stock is rising and she has allegedly been cast in The Canyons, a low-budge film about sex and single people. And yes, Lilo will most likely be naked. That’s right people, Lilo has crashed her car and will most likely get naked, consistent. In celebration of this comforting news, I’ve kindly compiled a list of the five coolest things our little Lindsay has done in her 25 years of living.

1. Got called a “firecrotch” by Paris Hilton: So technically this isn’t something Lilo exclusively did but more so was the recipient of. Either way, very cool. Way back in 2006, Ms. Hilton hurled this slur at Linds and quite frankly it makes the list because “Firecrotch” is a word that is jonesing for a strong comeback within the vernacular of, well, everyone. Lilo scores cool points for publically being labeled a firecrotch and making no follow up PR statement regarding the actual fire of her crotch. Well-played Lohan.

Source: HAHAJK.com

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Gorgeous Sam Ronson and her DUI

2011-08-02 07:32:25 by TheSportsGuy

“Officer, are ya gonna arrest me or bust my balls? My actual, physical balls. Which I have.”
Lindsay Lohan’s former lover turned perpetual stalking victim Samantha Ronson was arrested for DUI yesterday after trying to drive home from Vegas completely shit-faced, proving lesbians really do think like dudes. TMZ reports...br /> And of course she was cooperative. When you’ve got a Friends of Lindsay card, it’s like a lawyer in your pocket. “Ohmygod, you know Lindsay? Jimmy get these cuffs off, she knows Lindsay. Right this way to the Champagne Room, Ms. Ronson. Now would you prefer your evidence shredded or burnt?” (Anyone tries to say that’s not how California law enforcement works, I’ll fight them to the death.)


2010-08-30 11:21:09 by TheSportsGuy

I’ve been trying not to give Paris Hilton exactly what she wants from this ordeal (Read: All of Lindsay Lohan’s press.), but apparently the Las Vegas PD are going to play her little game and make themselves look like idiots by attempting to charge her with felony drug possession for less than a gram of coke that was obtaine...orrowed by a friend, and, most importantly, fell out of her mother’s stupid-rich vagina 29 years ago rendering all of this moot. C’mon, this battle was over the minute the doctor said, “It’s a girl!” then was promptly decapitated as a sacrifice to Satan.

Sound like you need a laugh

2009-07-18 17:16:30 by Rule62it

"Lindsay Lohan checked out of Promises Treatment Center after 45 days on Friday and flew the coop to Las Vegas to party it up at Pure wearing a voluntary alcohol-detecting ankle bracelet . . ."

Aubrey O'Day isn't good enough for Sam Ronson?

2009-12-13 20:02:34 by Sportsdvl

Aubrey O'Day at the NASCAR Champion's Party at Lavo nightclub in Las Vegas (12/4)
Ouch, how embarrassing. There's not a roof high enough to jump off of to get rid of the shame of being ignored by Sam Ronson From the New York Post:
Bisexual Aubrey O'Day was looking to give Li...bly turn down Aubrey O'Day? Most red-blooded men would gnaw off their own arm to bang that chick. Either Sam still feels some sort of commitment to Lindsay, or she's no longer playing for the other team. Either way, hopefully Aubrey's learned from this whole experience that if she really wants to turn on a girl like Sam, she doesn't need to shake her ass . . . she needs to lick her own eyebrows.

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