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First Pics Of Lindsay Lohan Playing Liz Taylor Dress Up

Ain’t it cute when the kids get into mommy’s closet? TMZ nabbed the first the photos of Lindsay Lohan all dolled up to look like Elizabeth Taylor for the Lifetime flick Liz and Dick. Thank God that TMZ identified the photo, because we weren’t sure if it was Justin Bieber dressed as Rosalind Russell as Auntie Mame, or Coco Peru’s high-school yearbook photo.

LiLo had her hair cut and dyed to look exactly like Taylor’s, so that’s no wig, queens. Whether or not that’s all her actual face is another story.

Lifetime immediately released an “official” photo (below), featuring Lohan getting necked by Grant Bowler, who plays Liz’s famed amour Richard “Dick” Burton. You may recall Grant Bowler from True Blood—ooor you may not.

There he played a werewolf. Here, apparently, he’s playing vampire.



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And thats another problem,Trejo was barely in it

2010-10-04 00:44:17 by CreepyWheatstraw

He was always hiding from someone (Alba, Fahey, Segal), instead of going out, kicking ass, and getting revenge as sold in the fracking trailer!
Like I said, if they had just made the movie that was in the grindhouse trailer, (which the first 10 minutes of was definitely on track) it would have been an awesome flick. All of the political crap and shoehorning in useless characters and subplots just ruined it.
Danny Trejo kicking ass = good
Robert Deniro, Don Johnson, Lindsay Lohan, Steven Seagal, Jessica Alba, hamming it up = bad.

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Lindsay Lohan giving head video
Lindsay Lohan giving head video
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