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Now I've got a team to root for at least

2007-04-17 07:58:15 by ih8rice9

Screaming chicken couple of course gets the nod too. I wonder if they'll have the Lindsay Lohan looking girl do a nude scene.
Noticed on the back of the Challenger the Mopar logo and a big Year One decal on the back. I guess they donated a lot to get that name placement. Some other one I forgot, too.

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  • Avatar Wulfie If Lindsay Lohan Does A Nude Scene Will It Save Her Career?
    Aug 24, 2007 by Wulfie | Posted in Celebrities

    • Nope. i hope they burn that bitch like they wanna burn Vick. Everybody wants to go at Mike Vick, but let her get off with one day in jail for driving like a maniac and endangering peoples lives high on cocaine.. hope she gets her butt kicked while she serves that one day! lol

  • Avatar trer Is it weird to you to see a nude scene in a movie with an actor/actress that has grown up?
    Aug 23, 2007 by trer | Posted in Movies

    For example, would you be weirded out if you saw a movie and Lindsay Lohan or the Olson twins did a nude scene, seeing as how you could associate them with their early work as children?

    • Seeing Daniel Radcliffe's grown-up junk didn't make me feel at all weird, so I'm gonna have to say I wouldn't be fazed. .