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Lindsay Lohan for the first time daring nude scene in her latest film Machete. Reportedly, Lindsay do to turn his career is fading.The actress is often problematic as reported in various media, dare to make scenes seem to swim naked in a swimming pool, in the new movie, Machete.
Courage Lindsay topless for the first time on the big screen this film, considered by many film critics as Lindsay’s attempts to re-start his career in Hollywood are dimmed.Nude scenes it may be said as an act of genius from a Lindsay. Although he was guaranteed not to be awarded the Oscar, but he could add a lot of male fans.Whatever it is, in fact, after the fame with the movie Mean Girls and Freaky Friday, did not show Lindasy proud achievement. He was actually involved a series of cases with police that led to bad luck

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Now I've got a team to root for at least

2007-04-17 07:58:15 by ih8rice9

Screaming chicken couple of course gets the nod too. I wonder if they'll have the Lindsay Lohan looking girl do a nude scene.
Noticed on the back of the Challenger the Mopar logo and a big Year One decal on the back. I guess they donated a lot to get that name placement. Some other one I forgot, too.

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Lindsay Lohan Machete nude scene by Misfhit. Lindsay Lohan with a brief glimpse of nudity in the film Machete. This video has been reported to be age-.

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  • Avatar Wulfie If Lindsay Lohan Does A Nude Scene Will It Save Her Career?
    Aug 24, 2007 by Wulfie | Posted in Celebrities

    • Nope. i hope they burn that bitch like they wanna burn Vick. Everybody wants to go at Mike Vick, but let her get off with one day in jail for driving like a maniac and endangering peoples lives high on cocaine.. hope she gets her butt kicked while she serves that one day! lol

  • Avatar trer Is it weird to you to see a nude scene in a movie with an actor/actress that has grown up?
    Aug 23, 2007 by trer | Posted in Movies

    For example, would you be weirded out if you saw a movie and Lindsay Lohan or the Olson twins did a nude scene, seeing as how you could associate them with their early work as children?

    • Seeing Daniel Radcliffe's grown-up junk didn't make me feel at all weird, so I'm gonna have to say I wouldn't be fazed. .

  • Avatar Stevestevesteveeee Which actresses in the list do you think are most likely to do a nude scene in the future?
    Jul 06, 2007 by Stevestevesteveeee | Posted in Polls & Surveys

    Emma Watson Emily Vancamp Danielle Panabaker Amanda Bynes Margo Harshman Anneliesse Van der pol Hillary Duff Lindsay Lohan Christy Carlson Romano Emma Roberts Hayden Pannetierre YOU CAN CHOOSE MORE THAN ONE

    • Lindsay. She does what she wants...